ColocationIX Westend is a new High End Colocation Facility in Bremen. The facility based on DIN ISO EN 50600 / ISO 27001 and is located in ex. military atomic bunker in Bremen, Germany.

ColocationIX provides core infrastructure for: Colocation, Housing, Private Cloud & Cloud including Cooling, CO2 Neutral Green Power, Connectivity etc.

Advanced services such as IP Transit, Content Delivery Network CDN, Private Cloud, Public Cloud, VMware Active Active, Managed Services, Outsourcing, Security Services based on ISO 27001 are available.

ColocationIX ColocationIX ColocationIX ColocationIX

The modern and flexible data center rooms provide premium infrastructure for ColocationIX clients.

ColocationIX is designed for Customers in Bremen, Hamburg, Hannover, Oldenburg, Duesseldorf (Düsseldorf), Cologne (Köln), Frankfurt, Munic (München) and other locations in Germany (Deutschland) in Euro Region or Global. And supports highest security standards for critical infrastructure (Kritis).

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ColocationIX Westend building specification:
- 2 meter big walls made from concrete
- Fibre cabling 10Gbit/s up to 100 Gigabit/s
- No fire due to oxygen reduction
- EU Norm for Data Center ISO EN 50600 Class 4
- US Norm for Data Center TIA942 Tier 4
- In line with ISO / EN 50600 and TIA942 data centre standards
- Build out based on Tier 3 and 4 data centre standards
- ISO 27001 standard

Services include:
- Peering
- Internet Transit
- Colocation
- Housing
- Managed Services
- Private Cloud
- Public Cloud
- Hybrid Cloud
- Cloud of Cloud
- Specialized Cloud Services
- VMware Active Passive
- VMWare Active Active
- Backup
- etc.

Services are based on standards:
- ISO 27001
- ISO 27001 Cloud Services
- ISO 27018 Cloud Security Management
- ISO 9001
- ISO 50001
- ISO 1401
- ISO 18001
- ISO 20000

Internet Backbone:
ColocationIX owns an IP backbone with 100 Gigabit/s internet bandwidth and plans for further bandwidth increase.

IP transit is enabled by several Tier 1 IP transit providers globally including:
- Cogent
- Level3
- Telia
- Telekom Italia
- Hurrikane
- China Telecom
- Deutsche Telekom

ColocationIX is a member and peers at the globally three largest internet exchanges:
- AMS-IX Amsterdam Internet Exchange
- DE-CIX Deutscher Internet Frankfurt
- LINX London Internet Exchange
and is connected to smaller regional internet exchanges as well.

Peering Policy:
For Internet Peering Policy click here.

We are hiring:
- Electricians
- Infrastructure Administrators
- Server Administrators
Please contact: b e w e r b u n g @

Company details:
ColocationIX GmbH
Wachtstr. 17-24
28195 Bremen

Sales Manager: Uwe Jambroszyk
Phone: +49 421 333 88-88
Fax: +49 421 333 88-33
Contact sales at: s a l e s @

General Manager: Hedda Hauschild
Phone: +49 421 333 88-0
Fax: +49 421 333 88-33

Registered in Bremen
Registration Number: HRB 27349
Vat Number: DE279700349
Court of registry: Bremen

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